During the course of 2011 regular session, the Legislature considered over 1,000 bills. The bills that come before the Legislature cover a wide variety of subjects. In her first term as a lawmaker, Assemblywoman Olivia Diaz received a “B” grade in a Review-Journal poll

Creating Jobs for Nevadans


In order to put more Nevadans back to work, Assemblywoman Diaz supported legislation that made it a priority to hire Nevada workers and uses products and materials from Nevada businesses. Assemblywoman Diaz also sponsored legislation to help bring as many businesses to Nevada as possible.

Improving Nevada’s Education System


As a teacher, Assemblywoman Diaz sees every day how important it is that we help every child succeed in school. Assemblywoman Diaz supported legislation to recruit high-quality teachers for high-need areas such as mathematics and science. Students deserve a safe school, which is why Assemblywoman Diaz supported legislation that helped foster a school environment that is free from bullying and intimidation.

Legislative Spotlight

Assemblywoman Diaz sponsored a number of bills that are now laws. After learning that friends of the recently deceased could not step-in to help pay for the funeral costs when no next-of-kin can be found, Assemblywoman Diaz stepped-in to allow friends have a final farewell. Learn more about this law in this Review-Journal story. 

Assemblywoman Diaz helped create a voluntary task force to enhance the quality of out-of-school time programs like those provided by the Boys & Girls Clubs. The task force will make recommendations to the Legislature for standards. If you would like to participate in the OST Task force, please visit the Nevada After School Network website


"I'd be proud to be your voice in the State Legislature"